Dirt [contained] Presents...

Crushing Baby Animals

(a strange and original play in development)

Crushing Baby Animals, is a semi-autobiographical original play that follows two millennial women (Tana and Maria) as they travel through space, time and the human mind.

Using physical theatre, multimedia and a healthy dose of humor, this meta work explores the post-modern obsession with self-image, and the traumatic absurdity of making art.

"Long Island City. 2019. In this ego-driven and narcissistic world, two women have the distinct anxiety of calling themselves artists. One day in the art gallery where they work, they make a startling discovery: remarkably, they share a disturbing reoccurring nightmare. Since the long ago dreams of childhood, the two have struggled time and time again to save an overwhelming number of baby animals, inadvertently crushing them all.

With this realization, the universe is ripped open and the two women are sucked through a wormhole and into the timeless Ether. There they will be forced to face two maniacal versions of themselves and stand trial in a deranged case against their own existences.”

With a dash of quantum physics and theatrical magic, audiences will join the two on an uncharted adventure through parallel dimensions, facing the perils of the human psyche, and the absurd pitfalls of human identity.

This project is made possible by the generous donation of space from Plaxall, Inc. and Long Island City Artists, Inc. Dirt [contained] Theatre Company is forever grateful.

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