What People Say

[Easy Laughter is] Over the top Hilarious... worthy of this generation
— - Moth And Flame (Lime Hawk)
 Easy Laughter photo courtesy of Jim Holt

Easy Laughter photo courtesy of Jim Holt

Easy Laughter has been staged many times over the years, but this New York revival is the best production I’ve ever seen.
— Easy Laughter Playwright, Robert Shearman
The acting [in Easy Laughter] was simply brilliant. The intensity that the actors brought to their roles was palpable.
— -Pop Culture Uncovered
Inventive and inspiring...The Last Eden is earnest and thought provoking
— Vicky Anderson, Made Up Liverpool

  "Since arriving at LIPA in 2008, [Swisher and Sirois] have consistently displayed an extraordinary work-ethic, and have each transformed themselves from raw, ambitious students to serious professionals in their chosen fields. They have shown remarkable acumen and dedication in creating their company, and between them possess the knowledge and skills to create and sustain a new theatre company that can offer a range of social benefits to Liverpool as well as original, high quality art.

- Max Rubin, artistic director of Lodestar Theatre Company Ltd and producer ofThe Liverpool Shakespeare Festival

Exploring the notion of man as a storytelling beast, [The Last Eden] cleverly interweaves live action, multi-media, lighting and bio-mechanical choreography. Theatre as it should be: raw and passionate.
— John Maguire, Firecracker Fashion

 "The production of “Chairs” by Dirt [contained] was one of the most pleasant theatrical experiences I’ve had in a while. Their clear comprehension of the script, strong performances, and unique use of the space all added up to a show that still makes me think, even a year later. They’ve proven to me, and dozens of their peers along the way, that this production company is a force to be reckoned with. I am greatly looking forward to seeing what they will accomplish in the future."

 -Tobin Moss-Actor

Beautifully created and well devised. A production company that bravely tackles the hard world of entertainment with enthusiasm.
— The Public Reviews

" I teach Acting to a class of adults, who are from a variety of backgrounds and whose ages range from 20’s-50’s. Some are keen amateur actors, some have never done acting before they joined this class. Maria and Tana were very helpful in planning a workshop that was sensitive to this group’s needs. At the workshop, the class worked alongside acting students and professional actors. Maria and Tana skillfully led this diverse group and were sensitive to the range of abilities. They led a workshop that was fun, challenging, interesting, and imaginative. They were professional, friendly, supportive, and open throughout the session. I am very impressed by the fact that Maria and Tana are giving these opportunities, and grateful for the experience that they gave the class I teach."

- Esther Dix – Director, Rumour Theatre Co.